Barry van Niekerk
Who am I?
Hi there! I'm Barry van Niekerk. I am an young and ambitious bachelor student Aviation Engineering (including rotary-wing) at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Further I'm a hobby web designer, video/photo editor and interested in gliding, flying, rowing, soccer, travel and food.

Currently I'm researching the desirability of rotary wing education and researching the feasibility to implement this at the Aviation Academy.

Keep following this site for my recent experience and internships and browse my Portfolio and discover my work, start scrolling to discover more.
No matter how excited you are about your dream, it will take time.
This time I am willing to make in studying and work to gain experience and archive goals. My work can make a difference. I keep going and I can help you with my experience as:

  • Student Bachelor Aviation Engineering
    (Fixed and Rotory wing)
  • Glider Pilot
  • Web Designer and Video/photo editor


Rotory wing graduation research – University of Applied Sciences, Aviation Academy
2016 – present | Amsterdam , Netherlands

A graduation research into the desirability of rotary wing education and researching the feasibility to implement this at the aviation academy.

Flight Operations and Standards Intern – CHC HN Den Helder
Spring 2016 | Den Helder , Netherlands

Support Flight Standards in documentation and Flight Operations in Flight planning.

Barkeeper – Snooker Pool Café Purmerend
2012 – 2016 | Purmerend , Netherlands

Serving and sales of drinks and food, pool and snooker instruction.

Online Marketing Intern – SearchUser Purmerend
Spring 2012 | Purmerend , Netherlands

Support in online marketing, google AdWords, producing websites and support in social media.

Personal Skills



Designing and editing

  • credits to Belal Baraqzi
  • special credits to Wilco Borst

Internships and works

  • Internship CHC Helicopter  (Aviation year 3)

    Internship CHC Helicopter (Aviation year 3)

    CHC Helicopter is a large helicopter services company, specializing in Transportation to offshore oil and gas
    platforms, Civilian search and rescue and air medical evacuation services and Helicopter maintenance repair
    and overhaul. The students are working at the department Flight Operations and Standards and are assigned as Flight
    Standards writer conform the company structure of CHC.

    This consist the project plan, for the final report please contact me

  • Internship SearchUser (Eindstage MBO-4)

    Internship SearchUser (Eindstage MBO-4)

    De eindstage is een belangrijk onderdeel voor het behalen van je diploma Marketing
    Medewerker. Tijdens deze stage krijg je een groot deel van je studiepunten en moet je
    een verplicht aantal uren stage hebben gelopen. Als functie bij je stage moet je veel
    aan marketing doen, meestal bekleed de stagiaire de functie Marketing Medewerker.

    Dit verslag is vanwege bedrijfsgeheimen verborgen en kan alleen op aanvraag en goedkeuring worden ingezien.

Projects of Aviation Engineering (Bachelor University of Applied Sciences)

  • Project ‘Blended Winglets’ (Aviation year 4)

    Project ‘Blended Winglets’ (Aviation year 4)

    Qjet wants to know of it will be feasible and desirable to add winglets to the current fleet of 3 B737-
    300, 7 B737-700 and 40 B737-800 aircraft. Qjet investigates the winglets will comply with the goals in
    terms of environment, innovation and cost reduction. Whether or not this decision is favourable will
    be investigated. Moreover, Qjet has set boundaries. The timeframe of the investigation is 10 years. If
    it is decided to modify the fleet, it shall be performed by the technical services department
    integrated in Qjet.

  • Project ‘Design, Build and Fly’ Report Project ‘Design, Build and Fly’ (Aviation minor year 3)

    Project ‘Design, Build and Fly’ Report Project ‘Design, Build and Fly’ (Aviation minor year 3)

    The project group has been assigned to do this project which is intended to give students insight in
    the design aspects of an aircraft. The first phase of the design, build & fly minor has resulted in a RC
    glider design with a wingspan of 2 meters and the used airfoil type is HQ2.5/10. It will be made of
    carbon fiber in the rods, glass fiber for the fuselage and furthermore wood and plastics will be used
    for some structure part. According to estimations, the mass will be around 1.0 kg. After a 5 minute
    engine powered climb, the RC glider will be at a height of about 606 m. Then, according to the
    performance calculations, the RC glider will glide 11 minutes and 54 seconds. The report includes 3D
    sketches and drawings of the final design of the RC glider that has been designed by the project

  • Project ‘Flight Planning – Briefing Package’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project ‘Flight Planning – Briefing Package’ (Aviation year 2)

    The most important sources are the Flight Planning Performance Manual of the Boeing 747 and the
    planning charts. An attached report will contain the briefing package.

  • Project ‘Flight Planning’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project ‘Flight Planning’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project team 2D of the dispatch centre from Aviation Studies International Airline Operational
    Control Centre (OCC) has the assignment to make a flight planning for a flight with a Boeing 747 from
    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) to Ted Stevens International Airport Anchorage (PANC).
    The flight planning should result in a Briefing Package, which consists of the operational flight plan, ATS
    flight plan, mass and balance of the aircraft and the weather of the airports. The operational flight
    plan has information for the pilot about the flight including the route and waypoints, the enroute
    weather. ATS flight plan has been written for the air traffic controllers and be used by search and
    rescue if necessary. The flight plan consists of the flight heading and the details of the aircraft, crew
    and cargo on board.

  • Project ‘Powerplant’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project ‘Powerplant’ (Aviation year 2)

    Amsterdam Aircraft Engines (AAE) has received a request to develop new gas turbine engines for the
    Fokker 70, at today’s standards. Development of the Fokker 70 stopped after Fokker closed in 1996.
    The aircraft however is still in operation mainly due to its superior characteristics like short take-off
    ground roll, high rate-of-climb and benign stall characteristics, compared to other regional jets in the
    70- to 100-seat class.

  • Project ‘Landing Gear Part B’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project ‘Landing Gear Part B’ (Aviation year 2)

    Amsterdam Aviation Engineering (AAE) assigned project group 2F to perform a mechanical analysis in
    addition to the earlier functional analysis. This mechanical analysis forms the second part of Project
    Landing Gear and is performed by eight students in their second year at the Amsterdam University of
    Applied Sciences’ Aviation Studies. Using skills and the gained knowledge during the first part of the
    project and the mechanics classes, the forces on a Boeing 747-400’s landing gear are described,
    calculated and analysed.

  • Project ‘Landing Gear Part A’ (Aviation year 2)

    Project ‘Landing Gear Part A’ (Aviation year 2)

    Amsterdam Aviation Engineering AAE is a supplier of high technique parts for aviation industry. The
    direction of AAE wants to expand the number of products. Therefore the direction has gathered
    project group 2F to make a technical analysis of a landing gear. The direction wants to know whether
    it is useful to investigate in landing gears. This will be tested by written test procedures for
    certification of CS-25.

  • Project ‘Airport’ (Aviation year 1)

    Project ‘Airport’ (Aviation year 1)

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport would like to expand their capacity in order to increase the amount of
    business activities the airport can handle. These activities fit the objective of the airport more than the
    current activities. The direction of Rotterdam Airport asked group 1J to investigate the possibilities of
    excluding the so-called General Aviation flights in order to reduce the “geluidshinder” on and around
    the airport.

  • Project ‘Flight Controls’ (Aviation year 1)

    Project ‘Flight Controls’ (Aviation year 1)

    The airline Amsterdam Airlines Leeuwenburg (ALA) will expand its fleet with new aircraft. The final
    selection should be made between the Boeing 737NG or Airbus A320. Before this choice can be
    made, the board must first insight into the costs for the maintenance of the flight control system of
    both types.

  • Project ‘Glass Cockpit’ (Aviation year 1)

    Project ‘Glass Cockpit’ (Aviation year 1)

    Dit is mijn eerste project ‘Glass Cockpit’ op de opleiding Aviation Studies. Zelf ben ik er heel erg trots op, en de rest van de project groep ook. Nu is het alleen nog een kwestie van presenteren na de vakantie.


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor Of Science
2012 – present | Amsterdam , Netherlands

Aerodynamics, Navigation, Physics, Math, Aircraft systems, Electronics, Mechanics, Avionics, Flight planning, Power plant. See My Portfolio for all mijn projects

Regio College Zaandam – MHBO Marketing And Communications
2010 – 2012 | Zaandam , Netherlands

Economy, Marketing, Communication, Bookkeeping, Math.

Nelson Mandela logo
2006 – 2010 | Purmerend , Netherlands

Dutch, English, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, History.


A.A.S.R. SKØLL – Commission work
2015 – present | Amsterdam , Netherlands

Organizing and guiding city/lift/ and other trips

V.P.V. Purmersteijn Purmerend – Coach and Trainer G-Team Soccer
VPV Purmersteyn
2011 – 2016 | Purmerend , Netherlands

Volunteer to train mentally disabled soccer players

Activities Committee SVAAA – Non-Study Activities Committee
2014 – 2015 | Amsterdam , Netherlands

The activities committee of the study association SVAAA


Aftermovie: Roeiseizoen

Tøtale Escalatie der AASR Skøll heeft dit jaar boordroeiend de Vlietbokaal gestart in een vier met stuurman (of in dit geval stuurvrouw).

Barry van Niekerk, voorzitter VakanCie 2017 bij Skøll

Barry van Niekerk, wie kent hem niet. Met zijn ietwat platte accent en brede lach wist hij al menig Skøllie warm te maken voor een ski- of lustrumreis. (more…)


CHC mede-organiseert Oranje Fandag

Tijdens mijn stage heb ik meegeholpen met het logistieke plan om de Oranje Fandag van de KNVB mogelijk te maken, door een grondplan te schrijven voor de helikopters en benodigde personeel.

Trowback: Asopos najaarswedstrijden

Het roeiseizoen staat weer op het punt om te beginnen, met hele mooie wedstrijden in het vooruitzicht. Ik heb er in iedergeval heel veel zin in, bekijk hier mijn start terug van vorig jaar op de Bosbaan, een afstand van 2km. (more…)

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Internship CHC Helicopters

The 2nd of February I started as intern at CHC Helicopter the Netherlands. CHC Helicopters Netherlands, based on Den Helder Airport, is the operator in the Netherlands and specified in offshore transport, ground handling and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO).

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Boeing 777X wing

See the inspiration behind the revolutionary 777X wing.

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Project Blended Winglets

As final project of Aviation Engineering Student of the University of Applied Sciences we got an assignment to set up an airline.

The board of the airline wants to know of it will be feasible and desirable to add winglets to the current fleet of 3 B737-300, 7 B737-700 and 40 B737-800 aircraft. (more…)

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Video Instructievlucht Zweefvliegen

Een aantal weken geleden weer aan zweefvliegen gedaan, (more…)

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Recap Minor Design Build and Fly

Final Grade 10, here is the recap video of our minor design-build and fly. (more…)

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Van Recap Design Build and Flight

Skøll Wintersport ’15 Risoul

Aftermovie van de Skøll Wintersport ’15 in Risoul.

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Minor DBF “The Flight”

The flight.

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Minor Project ‘Design, Build and Fly’

The board of the Design Build and Fly (DBF) minor has requested to design and construct a single engine model glider with a wingspan of maximum two meters, which can stay in the air as long as possible after 5 minutes motor power and land safely. The constructed aircraft needs to comply with the EASA CS-22 regulations regarding wing strength. (more…)

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Drawings 1 of Model Glider, Project: Design Build and Fly

Activities Committee SVAAA

In the 2014-2015 school year, I joined the activities committee of the study association SVAAA/. This study association hold itself with study-related activities, including the AKCD and network-meetings.


Air Traffic Schiphol

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Zweefvliegen – Gliding

Afgelopen week heb ik een hele week kunnen zweefvliegen bij Aero Club Salland, waar ik onlangs lid ben geworden. 3 Jaar geleden had ik voor het laatst gevlogen dus het was wel even wennen. Toch heb ik deze week heerlijk kunnen vliegen en zit ik ondertussen op zo’n 48 starts totaal, en ben ik nog aan het oefenen om solo te vliegen. (more…)


ILA Berlin 2014

Today on Friday 23 May I visited the ILA Air Show Berlin. I will share as soon possible the photos and more news. But I am still in Germany in the coming days. The ILA Berlin Air Show (German: Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA)) combines a major trade exhibition for the aerospace and defence industries with a public airshow. It is held every even year at the new Berlin ExpoCenter Airport near Schönefeld, Brandenburg 18 km southeast of Berlin, Germany. (more…)

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Project Flight planning

Project team 2D of the dispatch centre from Aviation Studies International Airline Operational Control Centre (OCC) has the assignment to make a flight planning for a flight with a Boeing 747 from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) to Ted Stevens International Airport Anchorage (PANC). The flight planning should result in a Briefing Package, which consists of the operational flight plan, ATS flight plan, mass and balance of the aircraft and the weather of the airports. (more…)

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On Friday 11 April, I visited Eurocontrol Maastricht with my projectgroup, becease we needed to write a report for business management, for which we had to analyze the business. During this tour, I’ve learned a lot about how well the company works with guiding planes in the Upper Air Space Amsterdam. What perhaps a lot of people would expect is that they operate from a tower, but this is only the familiar image of the Airport Air space control such as Schiphol. (more…)

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Concert James Blunt

Op zondag 3 Maart ben ik bij een concert geweest van James Blunt, echt een aanrader, want hij is echt heel erg goed live. De ambiance van de Heineken Music Hall geeft ook gezellige sfeer mee, met natuurlijk de lichteffecten van de HMH die voor schitterende plaatjes zorgen. Er was mij verteld dat “stagediven” niet meer mocht, maar James Blunt sprong midden in zijn nummer het publiek in. Wat me opviel was het schitterende Britse accent die hij heeft als hij aan het praten is. Dat accent klinkt bij zijn nummers echt heel anders. (more…)

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Lelystad Airport, excursie Simcenter, QAPS en Nimbus Air

Door mijn opleiding kom ik veel in contact met relaterende bedrijven en personen. Dit contact word geregeld door de Studievereniging de SVAAA. (more…)

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Simulator 737-800

Mijn vrijwilligers werk: Training geven aan het G-Team

Nu het alweer winterstop is en ik alweer 2 en een half jaar het G-team train vond ik het hoog tijd om een stukje te schrijven hierover. Het is en blijft voor mij een hele leuke taak om dit team elke week te trainen en bij wedstrijdjes te coachen.

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Project Powerplant finished.

The last project we (Project team 2F) have designing a new concept design engine. Which much replace the relatively old Rolls Royce TAY 620-15. Our project team has calculated the old engine. (more…)

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The Hobbit Artwork – Air New Zealand

Binnenkort zal de nieuwe Hobbit film uitkomen, de luchtvaartmaatschappij Air New Zealand heeft hier goed op ingespeeld door een Boeing 777 te presenteren waarop de draak Smaug uit deze Hobbit films levensgroot staat afgebeeld.


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Project Landing Gear

Jaar 2 project 1, we zijn weer begonnen!
Het was een mechanisch verslag over de functies en de werking van het landingsgestel. Dit van een zelf gekozen vliegtuig type en wat gaat er nou boven de Boeing 747-400!?

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Aviation year one completed!

Gelukkig ik heb het gehaald het eerste jaar van Aviation Studies :)! nu nog 3 jaar bikkelen. Uiteindelijk was het een heel zwaar jaar geworden, maar ik ben blij dat ik volgend jaar weer gewoon bij Aviation Studies te vinden ben. Hier volgt een verslag van mijn éérste jaar Aviation Studies…


Mijn nieuwe baan bij het Snooker Pool Cafe in Purmerend

Mijn nieuwe baan!
Pool Cafe

Sinds 20 Oktober heb ik een nieuwe baan bij het Snooker Pool Café in Purmerend.
Na al een tijdje een vaste stamgast te zijn, heb ik het toch maar geprobeerd te solliciteren voor bar medewerker bij het Pool Café. (more…)

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Start Aviation Studies

Eindelijk mag ik dan beginnen aan de opleiding Aviation Studies!

Voor deze opleiding heb ik gekozen, omdat ik heel graag in de luchtvaart wil werken (more…)


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work. I will send a response as soon as possible (within 48 hours).

Phone: +316 39824614

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