Project Blended Winglets

As final project of Aviation Engineering Student of the University of Applied Sciences we got an assignment to set up an airline.

The board of the airline wants to know of it will be feasible and desirable to add winglets to the current fleet of 3 B737-300, 7 B737-700 and 40 B737-800 aircraft. The designed airline called Qjet investigates the winglets will comply with the goals in terms of environment, innovation and cost reduction. Whether or not this decision is favourable will be investigated. Moreover, Qjet has set boundaries. The timeframe of the investigation is 10 years. If it is decided to modify the fleet, it shall be performed by the technical services department integrated in Qjet.

In order to conduct this investigation, Qjet has appointed a project team consisting of seven people. All seven have done previous projects, which makes them capable to investigate the possibility of winglets for the fleet.

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Report Blended Winglets:
Final Report Blended Winglets